Outdoor Wood Furnace Heat Exchangers For Sale

Here are the different types of outdoor wood furnace heat exchangers that we offer

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Hanging Heat Exchangers

Includes:  Quiet 3 speed fan with a 120v blower, adjustable fins and an air filter slot

0 – 50,000 BTU/hr – Built-in 120v blower – $420.00
0 – 100,000 BTU/hr – Built-in 120v blower – $425.50
0 – 150,000 BTU/hr – Built-in 120v blower – $560.00
0 – 200,000 BTU/hr – Built-in 120v blower – $670.00

This is the perfect thermostat for your hanging heater installation.  Plug it into an electrical source and plug the hanging heater into the Lux100.  Digital settings for on time, off time, temperature, etc.  Only $79.88 for the thermostat!

Sidearm Heat Exchangers

Sidearm heat exchangers are designed with natural thermo-siphon concept on domestic hot water side.  Traditional sidearms are made of two bare copper tubes.  Thus its capacity is decided by the length of sidearm-tubes and the heat transfer efficiency is very low.  The stainless steel fin-enhanced sidearm increases heat transfer efficiency significantly by using finned tube internally, which has surface area five to eight times bigger then bare tube and produces great turbulence on system side.  With a fin-enhanced sidearm you need only a shorter unit, but get bigger capacity and faster heating.

24″ sweat – Copper – $93.00 – 80,000BTU rating

Copper Sweat Port Sidearm feature a “honeycomb” tube structure which offers as much surface contact as larger units.

33″ stainless – Single Wall – $120.00 – 80,000BTU rating
38″ stainless – Single Wall – $145.00 – 90,000BTU rating
38″ stainless – Double Wall – $215.00 – 90,000BTU rating

*Double Wall sidearms should be used with pressurized systems and to meet code in some states.*

Water to Water Plate Heat Exchangers

outdoor wood furnace heat exchanger


The above diagram shows how to install your water to water plate heat exchanger.

The above video courtesy of Biomass Direct shows exactly how your water to water plate heat exchanger should be installed.


Water to Air Heat Exchangers


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