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outdoor wood furnace parts

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We also sell complete install kits for forced air + baseboard and radiant heat as well as pools and spas.

Forced Air Installation Kit Contents – $1,100

40′ – 1″ red PEX
20′ – 3/4″ red PEX
1 – 1″ MPT x PEX valve
1 – 1/2″ MPT x PEX valve
1 – 1 x 1 x 1/2″ PEX T
1 – 1″ PEX x MPT fitting
2 – 1″ PEX x Fem Sweat fitting
2 – 1″ PEX couplings
12 – 1″ PEX cinch clamps
3 – 1/2″ PEX cinch clamps
1 – PEX cinch tool
4 – 1/2 gal boiler treatment (enough for up to 400 gallons)
1 – Boiler Treatment Test Kit
1 – 1-1/4″ black pipe 90
1 – 1-1/4″ x 1″ black pipe bushing
1 – 48″ Single Wall Chimney Extension (Specify:  CP548 or CP648)
1 – Chimney Cap w/Spark Arrestor (Specify: CPC5 or CPC6)
1 – 20 plate water to water heat exchanger
1 – water to air heat exchanger (for in your plenum, need plenum size)
50 feet – Platinum 3 Wrap Insulated red&blue 1″ Pipe

Boiler Treatment


Boiler water treatment is a kind of commercial water therapy focused on removal or chemical alteration of substances potentially harming to the stove. Varying types of therapy are utilized at varying areas to avoid scale, corrosion, or lathering. Exterior treatment of raw water materials planned for usage within a wood or coal furnace is focused on elimination of impurities before they get to the heating boiler. Interior treatment within the boiler is concentrated on limiting the tendency of water to liquefy the boiler, as well as preserving contamination in forms least likely to cause difficulty before they can be removed from the boiler in a blowdown.

Heat Exchangers


A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment developed for effective heat transfer from one medium to another. The media could be separated by a solid wall to stop mixing or they might be in direct contact. There are several different sorts of heat exchangers such a water to plate, a water to air, and a sidearm.

Pex Pipe and Pex Fittings



Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX or XLPE, is a form of polyethylene with cross-links. It is formed into tubing, and is used predominantly in building services pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping, and insulation for high tension (high voltage) electrical cables.

Pool and Spa Kit

Use an outdoor wood furnace in connection with a hot tub heat exchanger or a swimming pool heat exchanger to heat your pool or hot tub.




Miscellaneous Furnace Parts


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